The Positive Side Of COVID-19

Namaste and a full gratitude for letting me share about COVID-19. Today, I want to diminish the negative side and highlight ‘The Positive Side of COVID-19’ The Positive side of COVID-19 Positive?? In this pandemic?? Where everyone is freaking out?? Yes, you read it right! 
Yes, staying positive every time is not as easy as we think and certainly difficult during the “COVID-19 Lockdown”, forced upon us by the government.
After the outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic, many things are taking place around us; Quarantine. Toilet Paper. Sanitizer. Mask. Handwash. Anxiety. Panic. Depression. Mental Health. Physical Health. Social distance. And of course, there’s always TIK TOK. Also, “Relief programs for photography” Awww what kind people!
In 2020, a novel virus COVID-19 has taken the lives of a lot of people all across the globe. OH NO! WHAT NEXT? IS THIS ‘THE END OF WORLD? Panic mode on, I haven’t even done this and I so wanted to do that and what if I die and Major Panic; what if someone I know died? (I lost one of my close relatives in this lockdown and couldn’t even attend the funeral. May his soul Rest in Peace). Not just it killed people but it also brought many negative mindsets around us too.
The confirmed cases were more than ‘2.1 million’ and counting while I was typing this article. WOW! that’s a lot if I survive, I will definitely do this and that. Also, I can’t be sure about this but after the pandemic is over, the public places; restaurants, hotels, courts (divorce attorney) and many more will probably be filled with ‘Civilized People’ (as Joker would say in the movie; Batman-The Dark Knight).
This guy’s topic was on positive sides, and all he’s talking about is negative. Okay it’s time to focus more on Positive side. did he just say positive? YAYY! something to cheer about, but is there? Let’s see, if this guy had written something meaningful and important.
‘Hey! Look on the bright side…’ You might have heard this many times in your life when you go through tough times, and if you haven’t heard till now, there’s always 1st time: LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE
Well if dinosaurs were still alive would you be still alive? Yeah! Look on the bright side pal!
So, here are some bright sides:
1. The Positive cases
Among those 2.1 million confirmed cases, the recovered cases are more than 5 hundred thousand and still counting. That is something we already know, tell us something new? Despite, increase number of cases and fatalities, recovery has also increased.
wow! what pleasant news!
2. Oh! Look, mother nature, it is healing
Remembering it’s still a ‘Quarantine day’ I went to an open space early in the morning for some fresh air and couldn’t believe how fresh the air was. Living in the city in Nepal, you might have noticed before the thick bulky blur thing just above our heads, (pollution, pollution and a lot of pollution) it was gone, it actually was.
Nowadays, every day when the sun comes up 1st thing I notice is the smile of nature and birds singing, trees greener, sky bluer, and at night I can actually see more stars these days. Finally, free from air pollution?
Mother Earth is healing, ahh, what a relief!
3. Family, the part of us we almost forgot
            Family? So, I know this might be a new experience for a lot of people spending time with family all the time. Just before the lockdown, the buses were filled with people to be with their families. Most ‘civilized people’ are getting a chance to know what actually matters. Also, finally, the repressed emotions can actually be expressed hey Sigmund Freud! isn’t that what you wanted? There might be some quarrels during this period which are actually necessary to understand each other, which I will get into it later on how to understand when things are not simply going right.
            Family! Yes, it is very important!
4. Humanity is still alive
            Hey, hey you, humanity! Are you still there?
Yes, it is still there. Apart from a lot of so-called ‘Relief Programs for Pictures’, it is still there. I read so many people donating for this cause yes everyone heard that even the prime minister himself is donating his full salary and those who didn’t donate money are helping each other in various ways and not just that but they are actually feeding animals too. I am so grateful to have seen these humanities while I am still breathing. May this humanity never end. If you are not able to help in those ways, it’s okay! This is the chance to show your humanity not doing anything and staying at home. What about those who went out for no reason? I am not judging
And guess what ‘Joker’ a fictional character, your dialogue is wrong, one way or another we will find humanity
I want to take a moment here to thank all those who are working in the Medical profession, Nepal Government, Army, Police, Social workers, Donors, and all of you who are staying at home. Thank You from the bottom of my heart. My heart beats for you. And I pray this will end soon.
5. One for the future; reflect and think
            ‘We are given a chance to correct our mistakes, we are given a chance to think if we were actually happy on what we were doing and we are given a chance to think what actually matters.’
            So how many have you started to think about what you are going to do after all this is over? Are you going to return to the same old boring routine where you don’t know what actually matters to you OR, are you going to think for what actually matters, your happiness, your family, pending journeys? We all are given a one-time opportunity to think again. I am not suggesting you quit your job, I am suggesting you to find something which also makes you happy; what matters, what you love doing, what you actually need? and if your unhappiness starts from your job? Then it’s time to think “how can I make it better? If I cannot make it better, what is the purpose of a job that only gives me money and no satisfaction?”
            “It’s important to recognize that it’s not unjust to let go of those who show no concern for you” -Vex King
6. Less Wastage
            You, alone or with the family, cleaned every corner of your room, bathroom and maybe the whole house. And there is a lot of waste for once. You separate a lot of garbage, but now there’s a lot less waste consuming, we are only using what matters now. Not just in your home but also in the streets, air, just say The Whole World Okay! The Whole World is with less wastage right now in this situation.
EARTH, I HAVE SOME GREAT NEWS, there’s lot less wastage thrown out
That’s it, I have pointed out some positive impact what COVID-19 has on us thanks to our mistakes And I seriously hope we learn from them too. We can't deny crisis the COVID-19 is creating but everything has pros and cons. And, if we focus on Pros even if there are few. It certainly will help us to overcome the cons no matter how problematic or uncertain the situation is. Not easy, I know but it’s not impossible. Let’s try this together and see the difference for the betterment of humankind and others.
There also will be a part 2 on this article

What did you say? A part 2? Was this not enough?
No, it’s not enough, I will be providing you with some ideas on how to handle this situation with yourself and family in the next part.

“You can’t go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending”

Abhishekh Bariya
Psychosocial Counselor
Twitter: @abhishekhbariya